The KANEKO exhibition is closed for deinstallation – The KANEKO library is open Thurs – Sun from 1pm to 5pm

Passion & Obsession: From the Collection


November 12, 2016 -
May 6, 2017

Tuesday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.


General public

An overwhelming passion of the artist joined the obsession of the connoisseurs who are moved to collect. 

Passion & Obsession: From the Collection, showcased astounding works of scale, process, and beauty culled from local collections, including the Karen & Robert Duncan Collection, Steve Wake Collection, Annette & Paul Smith Collection, Polina and Bob Schlott Collection, Betiana & Todd Simon Collection, Kathy & Marc LeBaron Collection, Ree & Jun Kaneko Collection, and the KANEKO Collection.

Rarely exhibited contemporary artworks inhabited KANEKO’s space representing the passion of artists from around the world and the obsession of collectors who capably discern the importance and beauty of visual art. Passion & Obsession: From the Collection included ceramic sculpture, glass sculpture & installations, drawings, and paintings from several internationally renowned artists.

The dynamic between artist and collector has governed the way the public views art for centuries. The focus of this exhibition is to highlight the importance of such collections not only for the institution but also as a resource for our community. Although it is difficult to convey, in exhibition, the profoundness of change and cycle that are intrinsic to the practice and lives of prolific artists, Passion and Obsession: From the Collection does just that. Specially curated works from key collections in the region join with pieces from the KANEKO collection for a powerful and exceptional visual experience. While some of the artwork presented from the KANEKO collection has never been shown before, other pieces in the collection have appeared in many major national and international museums.

Passion & Obsession artists: Viola Frey, Tony Hepburn, Leiko Ikemura, Jun Kaneko, Manuel Neri, Annabeth Rosen, Therman Statom, Goro Suzuki, Akio Takamori, & Sunkoo Yuh

The work in SPACE 1 & 6 rotated throughout the duration of this exhibition. This change represents a sampling of the incredible depth and diversity of Jun Kaneko’s career and the KANEKO Collection.

November 11 – January 6 | 1965 – 1971
January 13 – February 17 | 1975 – 1989
February 24 – March 31 | 1990 – 1999
April 10 – May 6 | 2001 – Present

November 11 – January 6 | SEARCHING
January 13 – February 17 | SPIRAL
February 24 – March 31 | SPIN
April 10 – May 6 | SUMI

Passion & Obsession: From the Collection

The Passion & Obsession: From the Collection Exhibition features the following programs: