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tbd. Dance Collective Presents: Making Space

past event

February 18, 2017

Performance: February 18, 7:30 p.m.

Workshop: Thursday & Friday 7-9 p.m. and Saturday 11-1 p.m.

$10 General Public, $5 Students, Free KANEKO Members & Children


$50 for all 3 days


tbd. Dance Collective performed Making Space: An Evening of Curated Choreography.

In addition to the Making Space performance, tbd. hosted a 3-day modern dance theater workshop beginning on Thursday February 16.


Making Space is an annual event hosted by tbd. Dance Collective featuring performance and choreography created by both local and regional artists. Artists involved seek to experiment with the creative process of movement based performance through collaboration, varying thematic elements, and site-specific guidelines within the space. The goal of Making Space is to foster an interdisciplinary environment for movement artists to present new work, to encourage dialogue about choreography, and support the growth and appreciation of modern/contemporary dance within the community of Omaha.


Presented by tbd. Dance Collective, in conjunction with Making Space, come experience modern dance in this fun and accessible 3-day modern dance theater workshop with Nichol Mason Lazenby. Classes will introduce basic technical skills of modern dance, improvisation, and choreography. We will investigate the intuitive nature of the body and discover the multitude of ways thought and emotion can be expressed through movement. Explore and create while connecting with the community. This workshop is appropriate for anyone with a dance, movement or theater background. Open to ALL LEVELS. You will experience new ways to move your body along with the creative benefits that come from this art form. An informal showing will follow on Saturday afternoon.

About tbd.

tbd. is an Omaha based modern and contemporary dance collective founded in 2014 by a group of artists and dancers who wanted to create, learn, explore, and perform movement together. The idea of the collective developed organically based on a need for more consistent performance and choreographic opportunities for modern dancers in Nebraska. What began as an unknown, and self-made DIY dance project, quickly grew into an established and recognized fixture in the Omaha arts community.

Through organizations like KANEKO and the Under the Radar Festival, tbd. has been able to create performances that challenge audience perceptions of dance as an art form, and facilitate workshops that enrich people’s lives with movement and self expression. Our work is the result of collaborations and relationships we have fostered with artists throughout the community who specialize in lighting, sound, music, visual art, and film. Through these collaborations, tbd. has been able to expand upon the creative process of building choreography and produce multidisciplinary movement-based performances.

Our mission is to produce unique and quality art through movement, to collaborate with other artists throughout the community so that our work is both innovative and relevant, to encourage critical dialogue about choreography and performance, and continue the growth and support of modern/contemporary dance in Omaha. Learn More ->

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