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past event

May 6, 2022 -
May 7, 2022

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


General Admission




Children & KANEKO Members

III is an evening-length, original performance by tbd. dance collective as part of The Movement Series at KANEKO.

The performance is a movement triptych, containing three, 15-minute sections of movement taking place in the upstairs gallery of the building. Movement within each section revolves spatially and conceptually around an installation or structure located within the room. The nature and quality of the movement were informed by various architectural aspects of each of the installations, drawing from shape, line, and form. The performance features original music by Gregory Elsasser and Alex Jacobsen. Choreography within the performance was developed collaboratively by the dancers within the group.

At the conclusion of each section, audience members may shift their focus to the area of the next section, physically move, or remain in their original location. If moving to a different area, please stay outside of the colored tape lines on the floor indicating the performance areas. Please note, that if moving to a new area, additional chairs will not be available for every audience member. Audience members may stand or sit on the floor. A few benches and chairs will be provided for those who need seating.

Section I

Audience members will sit in the designated seating area just in front of the large, glass block windows, indicated by the light green box below. This seating area will have black folding chairs available to sit on. Audience members may also stand, if they prefer, at the back of the seating area or on the sides. 

Music featured: Apparition and Contemplation by Hélène Vogelsinger

Performances and choreography: 

Kyan Doubet, Kat Fackler, Maggie Fleita, Kara Gillmore, Kara Goodwin, Stephanie Huettner, Shaquire Jones, Jenn Nicholson, Alyssa Rivera, Gayle Rocz, Annie Schenzel

Section II

Arrows indicate audience movement to a new area. The best areas for viewing this performance will be along the wall with the glass block windows, the corner of the room, or along the white wall near the sculpture.

Original music composer: Alex Jacobsen

Performance and choreography:

Kyan Doubet, Kara Gillmore, Stephanie Huettner, Jenn Nicholson, Gayle Rocz

Substrate material within this section was donated by Firstar Recycling. At the conclusion of the performance, this material will be recycled by Firstar, as part of the Hefty Energy Bag program.

Section III

The best area for viewing this performance will be in the large open area in the center of the gallery. 

Original music composer: Gregory Elsasser

Performances and choreography:

Kat Fackler, Maggie Fleita, Kara Goodwin, Shaquire Jones, Alyssa Rivera, Annie Schenzel

Props Design: Kevin Bullis 


About MOVEMENT: Presented by KANEKO and tbd. Dance Collective, the MOVEMENT series will present site-specific, multidisciplinary performances focused on modern and contemporary dance.  Performances will investigate the choreographic process, foster collaboration, and challenge audience perceptions of dance as an art form. There is a universal nature to the human condition; movement found within dance can be one of the most powerful tools of communication we possess and provide the medium in which we connect.

About tbd. Dance Collective: tbd. is a non-profit, modern + contemporary dance collective with a creative process + vision built around exploration and collaboration. Operating under the belief that movement can be a platform for communication and connection, it is our mission to provide unique dance experiences through performance and education that encourage dialogue and expand perceptions of movement as an art form.

We work with artists and organizations throughout the community to produce movement-based productions that feature site-specific choreography and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our work is highly imaginative, diverse in content and structure, and seeks to discover the possibilities for performance within unconventional spaces.


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