The KANEKO exhibition is closed for installation – The KANEKO library is open Thurs – Sun from 1pm to 5pm


past event

December 9, 2022 -
December 10, 2022

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


General Admission




Children & KANEKO Members

Experience tbd. dance collective in a simple and stripped-down show format as performers create, explore, and move within and around sculptures featured inside the Richard Hunt: MONUMENTAL Exhibition now on display at KANEKO.

Artists within the collective researched the life and practice of Richard Hunt, drawing inspiration from not just his body of work but also how Hunt describes concepts, processes, and materials he uses. The result is an informal, minimalist performance composed of solos, duets, trios, and quartets, all with a singular focus – the relationship between movement and sculpture.

Audience members will follow dancers through KANEKO galleries on the main floor as tbd. dance collective performs in different areas of the Richard Hunt:  MONUMENTAL exhibit.  There will be a few seats and benches available for those who need them, but seating will not be provided for all audience members, as this is a non-seated, follow-along performance.


The show is roughly 40 minutes in length with no intermission.

There will be no performance lighting.

Earplugs will be available at the door.

Original Music:  Nick Holden

Choreography:  Kyan Doubet, Kat Fackler, Maggie Fleita, Stephanie Huettner, Shaq Jones, Gayle Rocz

Performed by tbd. dance collective members:  Kyan Doubet, Kat Fackler, Kara Gillmore, Maggie Fleita, Stephanie Huettner, Shaq Jones,  Jenn Nicholson, Alyssa Rivera, Gayle Rocz, Annie Schenzel, Lauren Wichert


About MOVEMENT: Presented by KANEKO and tbd. Dance Collective, the MOVEMENT series will present site-specific, multidisciplinary performances focused on modern and contemporary dance.  Performances will investigate the choreographic process, foster collaboration, and challenge audience perceptions of dance as an art form. There is a universal nature to the human condition; movement found within dance can be one of the most powerful tools of communication we possess and provide the medium in which we connect.

About tbd. Dance Collective: tbd. is a non-profit, modern + contemporary dance collective with a creative process + vision built around exploration and collaboration. Operating under the belief that movement can be a platform for communication and connection, it is our mission to provide unique dance experiences through performance and education that encourage dialogue and expand perceptions of movement as an art form.

We work with artists and organizations throughout the community to produce movement-based productions that feature site-specific choreography and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our work is highly imaginative, diverse in content and structure, and seeks to discover the possibilities for performance within unconventional spaces.


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