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MOVEMENT Series: Above Below

past event

June 2, 2023 -
June 3, 2023

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

June 2, Friday, 7 & 8:30 pm

June 3, Saturday, 7 & 8:30 pm


General Admission


KANEKO Members & Students

Above Below is an evening-length, original performance by tbd. dance collective as part of The Movement Series at KANEKO.

Set within the world and work of James Surls: Nightshade and Red Bone, movement within this performance draws inspiration from nature, specifically skeletal structures of various land and water creatures, forms of trees and plants, and the movement qualities associated with each. Structure and Lack of Structure. Form and Loss of Form. Restriction of the Body and Freedom of Movement. Dancers within the performance will explore the balance of these concepts and how they inform where movement originates from within the body. 

The performance features original music by Philip Daniel. 

Choreography: Kyan Doubet, Kat Fackler, Stephanie Huettner, Shaquire Jones, Gayle Rocz, Annie Schenzel

Dancers: Kyan Doubet, Kara Gillmore, Stephanie Huettner, Jenn Nicholson, Alyssa Rivera, Gayle Rocz, Annie Schenzel, Lauren Wichert


The performance will take place in the large gallery space on the 2nd floor of KANEKO. Elevator access is available. 

There will be black plastic folding chairs available for seating. They will be set up in 2-3 rows, in a semi circle formation facing the performance area. There will be additional cocktail tables with standing room behind the chairs. 

Depending on the vantage point of an audience member at any given time of the production, aspects of the performance may be obscured from view for a short period of time. 

Photo: James Surls Nightshade and Red Bone Exhibition at KANEKO

About MOVEMENT: Presented by KANEKO and tbd. dance collective, MOVEMENT is a core program featuring a series of performances and interactive workshops that explore the process + presentation of modern and contemporary dance.  These site – specific experiences, shaped by both exhibition and space,  foster multidisciplinary collaboration, create opportunities for artist/audience participation, and encourage dialogue about the relationship between movement and visual art. Workshops within the series invite attendees to observe and interact with the process of developing movement-based productions and choreography. Performances engage audience members through evening length, original works that seek to expand audience perceptions of dance as an art form.

Photo: Past KANEKO Movement Series Performance by tbd. dance collective

About tbd. Dance Collective: tbd. is a non-profit, modern + contemporary dance collective with a creative process + vision built around exploration and collaboration. Operating under the belief that movement can be a platform for communication and connection, it is our mission to provide unique dance experiences through performance and education that encourage dialogue and expand perceptions of movement as an art form.

We work with artists and organizations throughout the community to produce movement-based productions that feature site-specific choreography and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our work is highly imaginative, diverse in content and structure, and seeks to discover the possibilities for performance within unconventional spaces.



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