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GREAT MINDS Lecture Series: Impactful Art

past event

November 6, 2019

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Doors | 6:00 PM


General Admission


Students & KANEKO Members

Madama Butterfly: The Suicide that Stays News

KANEKO and Applied Underwriters, Inc. are proud to present the 2019 GREAT MINDS Lecture Series, where the brightest thinkers address topics with fresh, provocative perspectives.

Art has always had the power to spur social controversy, change political and social views, heighten public awareness, and ultimately change perceptions and sensibilities in matters of social impact. Puccini’s masterpiece, Madama Butterfly, was no different when it premiered in 1904 and as it continues to play today in theaters around the world.

For this lecture, you will be exposed to stellar performances of excerpts from Madama Butterfly, followed by a leadership panel who will discuss the artwork and its social implications. The panel will be led by Dr. Bette Talvacchia, Emerita Professor of Art History, and Jenny Rroji, Art Director and Pianist.

A special feature of Jun Kaneko’s brilliant stage and costume design work for Madama Butterfly will be on display during the presentation.

Featuring Emerita Professor of Art History and Great Minds lecturer: Dr. Bette Talvacchia

Featuring a quartet and pianist performing excerpts from Madama Butterfly:

Danielle Pastin, Soprano
Monika Krajevska, Mezzo
Mark Womach, Baritone
Francesco Pavesi, Tenor
Jenny Rroji, Art Director and Pianist

About the Great Minds Lecture Series: The Great Minds Lecture Series highlights innovators and original thought leaders in fields relevant to KANEKO programs. This unique lecture series engages KANEKO members and visitors with “Great Minds” who are established and recognized by their peers within their respective fields or disciplines. Whether science, philosophy, or the arts, Great Minds speakers have demonstrated leadership within their fields and have a record of outstanding creativity and innovation. Great Minds speakers embody a creative philosophy that aligns directly with the mission of KANEKO focused on creative investigation.

About Applied Underwriters: Applied Underwriters, Omaha’s premier employer, is proud to support KANEKO’s Great Minds Lecture Series. The company is a leading provider of insurance and business services, serving thousands of customers nationwide. Applied’s operations campus is located in Omaha and currently employs nearly 700 people. Applied is dedicated to the presentation of public discourse on topics of high intellectual interest and impact. For more information, please visit

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