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Mindful Makers

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July 22, 2024 -
July 26, 2024

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Grades 6 - 9


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Claire M Hubbard Foundation
Good Life Candle and Craft


Aromas and Art Adventures 

Campers will engage in a week-long exploration of the art and science of scent and mindful crafting with the help of teams from EVODIÁ and Good Life Candle and Craft.

Christopher German from EVODIA will introduce campers to a “Scent-Sensational” adventure promising to ignite the senses, stimulate creativity, and inspire a lifelong appreciation for the art of making fragrance. Campers will create a variety of fragrances for different uses, while learning about the sources and history of scents.

The Good Life Candle and Craft team believes fragrance can transform your mood and create lasting memories. This husband and wife duo will share with campers their love of scent – how it can transport you, enhance your mood, and brighten up a place. They create projects using sustainable ingredients like coconut and soy-based waxes, cotton and wood materials, recyclable and repurposed containers. 


Monday – Friday; 9 am – 4 pm  |  Grades 6 – 9

$25 registration fee
$225 enrollment fee

The enrollment fee is waived for campers who otherwise would not be able to participate in Creative Camps. The Creative Camps enrollment fee covers only part of KANEKO’s expenses. Please consider helping us provide access to all campers by contributing additional support. We’re grateful for your contribution.

A camp t-shirt, lunch, and snacks are included and campers will eat outside whenever possible. Shirt size and dietary restrictions will be requested during the registration process.

Campers may choose to have their projects included in a final Creative Camps Exhibition at KANEKO.

Our goal is to provide all campers with an experience filled with unique and distraction-free opportunities. All camper’s phones will be checked at the start of each session. While a short period of phone time is scheduled for each day, we aim to have a phone-free environment. Campers are always accessible to families through the KANEKO phones.

For any questions or marketing requests regarding Creative Camps, please contact Jessica at jessica@thekaneko.org or 402.341.3800.


Claire M Hubbard Foundation
Good Life Candle and Craft

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