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Curious Conversations: Snake Oil, Illusion and Other Mischief

past event

July 12, 2018

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


General Admission

Who can you trust? What can you believe?

History is written then rewritten. Cultural beliefs are canonical for some faiths and cultures, but heresy for others. At the intersection of artifact and artifice, Curious Conversations will unpack fact from fiction and reveal what is obscure.

Presenters Taylor Keen and Timothy Schaffert inducted us in historic irresponsibility, authorial hoax, and cosmological apocrypha.

Join in on all the Curious Conversations

Thursday, July 12 // Snake Oil, Illusion and Other Mischief
Thursday, August 23 // Truth in the Era of Fake News

Thursday, September 20 // I Read It So It’s True

The Museum of Alternative History

The Museum of Alternative History filters facts through biases. It explores the concepts of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance in the structure of a natural history museum. The Museum of Alternative History contains a selection of explanations for the nature of the world and universe, as well as alternate histories contrary to … well … history.

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