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June 1, 2018 -
September 26, 2018

Tuesday – Friday, 12 pm – 8 pm & Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm


Open to the Public

REALITY will challenge your perceptions.

The notion of truth, history, and the presentation of what is “real” will be dissected within the Reality programming season at KANEKO. A collaborative, interdisciplinary exhibition will investigate art, science, and technology that create, alter, and reflect upon our sense of the real. Performances, lectures, and educational offerings will further explore the concept of reality through various perspectives of art and science.

The creative act is an effort to contain and understand, to shape and explore what is real. Artistry is inherently linked to our notions of reality, the real world, and real life. Art mirrors, refracts, reinterprets, and provides insight into our shared reality – the external world – while simultaneously serving as a source of solitary experiences within our own minds – shaping and informing our own individual realities.

History, philosophy, and science directly influence our understanding of the real, while only touching the surface of the breadth of human experience. Representations of history and truth are directly connected to perceptions of what is and is not real. This dynamic becomes increasingly challenging to dissect in the information age where unlimited access and digital interconnectedness is capable of blurring the lines between fact and fiction and our understanding of the real even further.

Rapidly advancing immersive technologies are drastically changing how we experience our world. Everything from entertainment and education, to telecommunications and medicine, is undergoing a technological revolution with the proliferation of sophisticated virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies. This monumental paradigm shift in communication, global collaboration, and creative endeavors places humanity on a precipice between knowable truth and sensorial experience – bending the bounds of our preconceived notions of the real and reality.


Abraham Lincoln High School Art & VR Club, ARC Document Solutions, Ben Semisch Photography, Big Canvas, Civic Nebraska, Council Bluffs Community School District, Creighton University, David Guinan, The Durham Museum, Google, Graphic Technologies, Inc., Hastings College, HDR Inc., Heartland Workers Center, Interactive Projection USA, Jackson Dinsdale Art Center (JDAC) at Hastings College, Joe Nicholson, Joslyn Art Museum, KANEKO-UNO Library, Life Dimensions by Ilona Holland, Metropolitan Community College, Misha Gordin, Nebraska Writers Collective, Nik Fackler, Omaha Chamber Music Society, Omaha Under The Radar, RDG Planning Group, Renze Display, tbd. Dance Collective, TEDxOmaha, thinkMOTION, Tim Guthrie’s Museum of Alternative History, University of Nebraska Medical Center iEXCEL, University of Nebraska – Omaha, WhyArts



The Reality Exhibition features the following programs: