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Community 2020


November 5, 2020 -
July 31, 2021


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Our idea of the communal has changed drastically and may remain forever changed.

As we sheltered with our closest community: our family, ourselves, we discovered what it means to be removed from the outside world. We depended on technology to connect us. We found comfort and sometimes discomfort in our limited surroundings. We found the same through the frame of a video screen. We reflected on what we missed and we reached out to the world as it quieted then erupted; and after we looked for connection, justice, and meaning. 

This exhibition represents connection. Different artists in our community reflect on, dissect and illuminate the established and new communal experiences and the isolated ones. Whether it’s Therman Statom’s thoughtful piecing together of story and society, the intimacy of Pamela Conyers-Hinson’s tactile and emotional pieces, Juan Sanchez’s connection from afar to the inspiration and evolution of Jun Kaneko’s work or the communal art project Tessellation which connected our world in small, digital works of individual art. This exhibition speaks to some facet of what we lost in the communal experience and how we are reinventing it.

KANEKO’s mission is to look at things differently. We strive to achieve this by making a place open and available to all, where ideas, art, anything can happen. Our exhibitions will no longer follow a predetermined schedule, but instead are open to mutation and evolution as people react and respond. We expect this exhibition to develop and grow in our space and hope you do too.


Current Exhibits


Juan de Dios Sánchez

This first American exhibit by the Mexican ceramicist Juan de Dios Sánchez Arce is rooted in imagery and stories that live “in the blood of all Mexicans.” Learn More

Therman Statom

Therman Statom is a pioneer in the contemporary glass art movement, a longtime friend of Ree and Jun Kaneko, a KANEKO board member, and a social activist. Learn More

Pamela Conyers-Hinson

Pamela Conyers-Hinson moves through the world investigating and experimenting. Often this work is done through the use of discarded and forgotten materials, the shared stories of women of color, or the magnification of a subject’s journey. Learn More

Tessellation Project

Tessellation is an evolving public art project created by hundreds of individual pieces of art from around the world.  Learn More

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COVID Status

Masks are required in all of our galleries and public spaces. A reservation is required to attend.

Community 2020

The Community 2020 Exhibition features the following programs: