Tessellation Project

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January 14, 2021 -
July 24, 2021

11:00 am - 7:00 pm


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Communal artistic expressions during this time of physical seclusion and social disruption.

This Community exhibit is an evolving public art project, Tessellation, created by hundreds of individual pieces of art, each individually submitted by members of our local community and people across the United States and around the world.

The Tessellation Project began in March 2020 as a way for KANEKO to engage individuals and communities sheltering in place in response to COVID-19. To guarantee safety, people were asked to submit their art digitally, and in a few months over a thousand digital and video images were submitted, carrying with them, unique stories of managing lives in a time of seclusion. Since then some pieces have been shipped or submitted in person, adding a new dimension to this constantly changing exhibit.

This project is a work in progress beginning with the curation of the first phase, Isolation. The second phase, Ritual, was a call for multi-media submissions of rituals that people created or appreciated in a new way during their time at home. Over time the newer phases will be added and the overall exhibit will become something, say something, reflect something different.

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The current phase of the Tessellation Project is Ritual. Our world is moving through dramatic and difficult times. After strict isolation, the world began opening up, adding more ambiguity and choice to how we move. More recently, we are witnessing and reacting to tragedy, outrage, and the need for a movement to correct years of oppression and racism. There is friction and pain and work to be done. We wish to respond to the variety and complexity of these new movements by adding new questions and mediums to the next phase of The Tessellation Project.

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COVID Status

KANEKO asks that all guests wear a mask when visiting our spaces, with no reservations needed.

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