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MOVEMENT Series: Workshop

past event

December 14, 2019

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


General Admission


Children, Students, & KANEKO Members

Things That Move Us

Join tbd. dance collective for their first workshop within the MOVEMENT Series. During this interactive workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to not only learn about but also to engage with tbd.’s process of creating movement influenced by objects. The artists will demonstrate choreography created in response to various props and share how they were utilized within performance. Then, through a series of guided exercises and improvisation, attendees will interact with props + objects to create their own movement.

This workshop is open to all levels and abilities. No dance background is required to participate. Those who do not wish to participate in the movement portion, but would like to attend are invited and welcome to observe the process. Seats will be provided for all attendees. Space is very limited and registration is required.

Please wear clothing you feel comfortable moving around in, and bring water to stay hydrated! This workshop is comprised of both demonstration and interaction. The floor we will be moving on is concrete, therefore comfortable and supportive footwear is highly encouraged.

About MOVEMENT: Presented by KANEKO and tbd. Dance Collective, the MOVEMENT series will present site-specific, multidisciplinary performances focused on modern and contemporary dance.  Performances will investigate the choreographic process, foster collaboration, and challenge audience perceptions of dance as an art form. There is a universal nature to the human condition; movement found within dance can be one of the most powerful tools of communication we possess and provide the medium in which we connect.

About tbd. Dance Collective: tbd. is a non-profit, modern + contemporary dance collective founded by a group of artists who wanted to create, explore, and perform movement together.  Operating under the belief that movement can be a platform for communication and connection, it is our mission to provide accessible dance experiences through performance and education that encourage dialogue and challenge perceptions of dance as an art form.

With a creative process + vision built around exploration, we work with artists and organizations throughout the community to produce multidisciplinary movement based productions that feature site specific choreography and unique collaborations.  Our work is highly imaginative, diverse in content and structure, and seeks to discover the possibilities for performance within unconventional spaces.

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