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TEDxOmaha Salon

past event

November 18, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Open to the Public

Ideas Worth Spreading.

Join other TED enthusiasts for TEDxOmahaSalon, a monthly conversation group. We watch two recorded TED Talks on a topic, then talk about the implications and opportunities. For this TEDxOmaha Salon, we will explore the final topic in our explorations of culture and community; Rites and Rituals. These exist at individual, organizational, community and national level. They are part of our lives, our individual and collective identity, and form part of our sense of connection and existence. We see these played out in the many facets of our personal life, and are a conscious and unconscious part of our life – from birth through to death. They are also played out in organizations in cultures and subcultures, and form part of the history and stories that are created.

What are the rites and rituals that have meaning in your world? Come and explore this fascinating topic as we gather together at Kaneko for the last time this year.

About TEDxOmaha
TEDxOmaha is an independently organized TEDx event. As a part of the global TED community, we connect locally to explore the ideas and situations that affect our cultures, environments, and minds. Most people are introduced to this remarkable collection of human experiences through recorded TED Talks. Through technology, we can hear stories of discovery, heartache, joy, introspection, and imagination from some of the world’s most amazing people. By creating events in Omaha, we produce an experience based on TED’s principles.

Who attends TEDxOmaha? Five hundred of our community’s most curious, forward-thinking people. Activists, artists, philanthropists, modern-day philosophers, policymakers, stay-at-home parents, and more. You, too, can gather with amazing people from our region who share their insights and accomplishments. It helps us witness what is happening – and what is possible – so we can be inspired to take bigger steps together. TEDxOmaha is held annually in October and offers monthly TEDxOmahaSalon events at The KANEKO.

For questions and more information, please visit TEDxOmaha on Facebook!

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