Sound & Sensor

past event

June 21, 2018

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Doors open & demonstrations at 7 pm, performance begins at 8 pm.


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KANEKO Members

When Data and Dance Converge.

Using their bodies as instruments, Obelus Movement and tbd. Dance Collective came together to perform data in a different light. Combining sensor technologies with contemporary movement, these two dance collectives interacted and inspired. The audience watched and listened as data, acquired directly from the dancers bodies produced and manipulated a sonic environment.

Obelus Movement

Obelus is a movement art collective based out of Hudson Valley NY and the Berkshires MA founded in 2016 by choreographer Claire Cuny and electro-acoustic sound artist Monte Weber. The collective employs technology to inspire contemporary methods of choreography and physical performance art. George Balanchine elucidated, “dance is music made visible.” Obelus augments this notion by exhibiting the dancer as the composer, the composition as the dancer. This is achieved through systems of sound design which acquire data directly from the dancers body to produce or manipulate sonic environments.

tbd. Dance Collective

tbd. Dance Collective is an Omaha based modern and contemporary dance collective founded in 2014 by a group of artists and dancers who wanted to create, learn, explore, and perform movement together. The idea of the collective developed organically based on a need for more consistent performance and choreographic opportunities for modern dancers in Nebraska. What began as an unknown, and self-made DIY dance project, quickly grew into an established and recognized fixture in the Omaha arts community.

Through organizations like KANEKO and the Under the Radar Festival, tbd. has been able to create performances that challenge audience perceptions of dance as an art form, and facilitate workshops that enrich people’s lives with movement and self expression. Our work is the result of collaborations and relationships we have fostered with artists throughout the community who specialize in lighting, sound, music, visual art, and film. Through these collaborations, tbd. has been able to expand upon the creative process of building choreography and produce multidisciplinary movement-based performances.

Our mission is to produce unique and quality art through movement, to collaborate with other artists throughout the community so that our work is both innovative and relevant, to encourage critical dialogue about choreography and performance, and continue the growth and support of modern/contemporary dance in Omaha.

Generator Series

A collaboration between KANEKO and Omaha Under the Radar, the Generator Series presents events that investigate music’s relationship to our physical world, seeking the connections between sound and architecture, sound and natural landscapes, sound and the human body, and more. Focusing on music by living composers, including sound improvisation and experimental composition, the Generator Series provides an outlet for non-commercial music that asks questions about how we listen, and how we interact with sound in the 21st century.

Omaha Under the Radar

Omaha Under the Radar is an annual experimental performance festival in the Midwest. We celebrate cultural innovators with performances throughout the city of Omaha. The festival emerged from a desire to support innovative performers and creators living and working in the Midwest, and to connect this community to other performance communities throughout the United States.

Since the first festival, held in 2014, Omaha Under the Radar has presented over 200 artists from more than a dozen cities throughout the United States. We work to represent a multiplicity of genres, ideas, and identities through performances, talks, group discussions and educational opportunities. Omaha Under the Radar is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. To make a tax-deductible donation in support of our programming efforts, visit our SUPPORT page.

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