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Omaha Under the Radar 2019 Festival

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July 24, 2019 -
July 27, 2019

EVENT 6 | July 26 | 6 PM

EVENT 10 | July 27 | 1 PM


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Omaha Under the Radar Returns!

Join us on July 24 – 27 for our 6th annual Omaha Under the Radar Festival! 4 days of experimental music, opera, dance, theater, poetry, performance art, and installation work. The 6th annual festival will offer plenty to smile about, as well as plenty to laugh about, discuss over drinks, and remember for years to come. Omaha’s most electric venues will be filled with live performance of the highest caliber created by artists who seize their craft and surprise even the most experienced attendees.

Omaha Under the Radar Programs at KANEKO:

ARTIST TALK 1 | Thursday, July 25 | 12 PM | FREE
Omaha Under the Radar artists will introduce their work and discuss their creative process

ARTIST TALK 2 | Friday, July 26 | 12 PM | FREE
Courtney Bryan, composer & pianist, discusses her work in both the jazz & classical idioms, and introduces her work Songs of Laughing, Crying, and Smiling.

EVENT 6 | Friday, July 26 | 6 PM | $10 or Festival Pass
Matt Oliphant+Kevin Harrison, Lis Gre, & Alexandria Smith

EVENT 10 | Saturday, July 27 | 1 PM | $10 or Festival Pass
SOUNDRY Workshop Artists, Omaha Percussion Group, & tbd Dance Collective

Omaha Fringe Festival: This year’s festival also marks the beginning of the Omaha Fringe Festival, which was created to give local theatre artists a space where they can experiment with performance and get paid for their work. The festival will be an incubator for new works and will help attract artists and audiences to our vibrant Omaha community. Given this space, these artists will help create art for local theatre audiences to explore and appreciate. The festival will feature four days of live theatre all produced, acted, directed, and performed by Omaha artists. Each show will have multiple performance times allowing for the audience to be able to see all of the shows in the festival. Fringe festivals are known for their egalitarian spirit and the fun of discovering the “next big thing” or suffering through another flop. At a Fringe festival, you never know what you’re going to get–and that’s what makes it fun. During the Omaha Fringe Festival, audiences will get to experience Omaha theatre unfettered. The Omaha Fringe Festival will be held at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Black Box & Studio Theatres in the Weber Fine Arts Building.

2019 Festival Artists:
Leanna Keith
Nathan Brumbaugh
Developing Crisp
Elliot Lupp
Liz Gre
Alexandria Smith
Dereck Higgins
The Machine is Neither
The Wires
James Falzone
Edem Soul Music
Jordan Sand
Megan Grace Beugger
Anthony Green
Kyle Flens
Under Renovation
The Mighty Vitamins
Dana Murray & Aaron Gum
Omaha Percussion Group
tbd Dance Collective
Seth Shafer
Fat Pigeon
Max Dunlaney
Nicholas Swoboda
Evan Williams
Matt Oliphant+Kevin Harrison

2019 Fringe Festival Artists:
Colleen O’Doherty
Jason Levering
Anna Jordan
Jeremy Stoll
Jean-Paul Zuhur
Andrew Morton
Della Bynum
Tim Barr
Doug Hayko
Jessica Burrill-Logue
Big Canvas

2019 Festival Venues:
Hi-Fi House
Holland Center for Performing Arts
The Jewell
Joslyn Art Museum
The Slowdown
Project Project
Bancroft Street Market
Pet Shop
University of Nebraska at Omaha Black Box & Studio Theatres | Weber Fine Arts Building

About Omaha Under the Radar: Omaha Under the Radar is an annual experimental performance festival in the Midwest. We celebrate cultural innovators with performances throughout the city of Omaha. The festival emerged from a desire to support innovative performers and creators living and working in the Midwest, and to connect this community to other performance communities throughout the United States. Since the first festival, held in 2014, Omaha Under the Radar has presented over 200 artists from more than a dozen cities throughout the United States. We work to represent a multiplicity of genres, ideas, and identities through performances, talks, group discussions and educational opportunities. Learn More ->

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