New Thinking

past event

June 27, 2018

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


General Admission

Fashion, Creativity and Psychology.

Like a book club, New Thinking covers a specific topic and centers an open discussion around creativity and history in that particular field. This sessions’ topic covered fashion design and it’s progression throughout the years. We brought in special guests, Deb Koesters and Ed “Jonesey” Jones. Deb Koesters is a wet felting artist and founder of Felters Forte and is a former art history professor. Led by our guests, discussions were about an hour long and were free and open to the public. No prior knowledge or training on the particular topic was required to join in the conversation.

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Deb Koesters

Deb is originally from Omaha, but began her fiber art journey while attending a wet felting class on the East Coast. Having worked as a professional hair stylist interest in these felting techniques came naturally. The reason for the connection is that human hair is coarse, fine, straight and curly. Wool has the same properties. Much of her inspiration comes from exploring and studying the colors and designs from artisans around the world. Creating and traveling are done with meraki. Deb has been published in a book Worldwide Felters, by Ellen Bakker, and more recently was in Jan 2018 Omaha Publication Inspired Living.

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