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Great Minds Series with Chris Russell

past event

July 2, 2018

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


General Admission

Artificial intelligence – once a fantasy of science fiction – is quickly becoming a reality.

The culmination of over fifty years of innovation, today’s top tech company Google is on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence research and implementation.

What is artificial intelligence?
How will it change the world?
What does it mean to you?

Google’s great mind Chris Russell, lead us through these pressing questions on artificial intelligence.

Great Minds Series

Our Great Minds Series highlights innovators and original thought leaders in fields relevant to our programs. This unique lecture series engages our members and visitors with “Great Minds” who are established and recognized by their peers within their respective fields or disciplines. Whether science, design or the arts, Great Minds speakers have demonstrated leadership within their respective fields and have a record of outstanding creativity and innovation. Great Minds speakers embody a creative philosophy that aligns directly with our mission of creative exploration.

Each Great Minds Series accentuates particular aspects of our seasonal themes. Past Great Minds speakers have included Grammy-winning artist, Rosanne Cash, animator Josh Cooley, social science researcher Stuart Brown and biologist Tyrone Hayes. These lectures continue to garner robust attendance and mark the pinnacle of each season for many of our patrons.

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