Nizar Mamdani

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March 29, 2018

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


General Public


Great Minds Series with UNMC’s Nizar Mamdani

Nizar and his wife Dr. Marsha Mamdani will share experiences with their innovative non-profit organization First Sight – whose mission is to provide a sustainable system of eye-care to impoverished regions of the world.

Our concept of light is inherently linked with vision – the human eye is one of the most utilized sensing organs. Just as eyeglasses are a product of science and design, Nizar Mamdani employs a multi-disciplinary creative approach to help the over 246 million people that suffer from poor vision worldwide.

Born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa, Nizar Mamdani has served as the Executive Director for International Healthcare programs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for over 15 years. Nizar’s extensive background in international financing and business led him to travel across the globe, where he became acutely aware of the tremendous need for effective solutions to provide eyeglasses for children and adults. The lack of access to optical care in many developing countries leads to a large portion of the population struggling with poor vision – which has a significant impact on a person’s everyday life, their families and the community at large. As a result of uncorrected visual impairment, millions of children are losing educational opportunities, adults are unable to work and families are pushed into poverty.

About First Sight
First Sight employs an elegantly simple, low-tech solution that immediately impacts those in need. First Sight kits contain all of the necessary tools to correct most vision problems – meaning poor vision can be easily diagnosed, measured and corrected by non-professions in just about any location in under 15 minutes. Patients are able to walk away with a new set of prescription glasses on the spot, empowering them with proper eyesight, allowing them to lead healthier and more productive lives. First Sight partners with local NGOs, philanthropic organizations, faith-based organizations, and school systems to make its glasses available to the neediest communities. Learn More ->

About Great Minds Series
KANEKO’s Great Minds Series highlights innovators and original thought leaders in fields relevant to KANEKO programs. This unique lecture series engages KANEKO members and visitors with “Great Minds” who are established and recognized by their peers within their respective fields or disciplines. Whether science, design, or the arts, Great Minds speakers have demonstrated leadership within their respective fields and have a record of outstanding creativity and innovation. Great Minds speakers embody a creative philosophy that aligns directly with KANEKO’s mission of creative exploration. Each Great Minds Series accentuates particular aspects of KANEKO’s seasonal themes. Past Great Minds speakers have included Grammy-winning artist, Rosanne Cash, animator Josh Cooley, social science researcher Stuart Brown and biologist Tyrone Hayes. These lectures continue to garner robust attendance and mark the pinnacle of each season for many KANEKO patrons.


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