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Generator Series: GAMES

past event

June 8, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Cocktails & Interactive Exhibit | 6:00 PM

Concert | 7:00 PM


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Seriously playful music.

Join KANEKO and Omaha Under the Radar for the final 2018-19 Generator Series event, GAMES, featuring Alexa Dexa, Kelley Sheehan, Polka Police – a lineup of artists who take playful music very seriously, delighting audiences with their surprising confluence heavy sounds and fun-loving, “joie de vivre” performance styles. This interactive event merges experimental music with opera, noise, electronics, kiddie pools, accordions, no-input mixers, and more.

Artists & Program
Alexa Dexa will perform her new one-woman opera, be a doll, which the artist describes as
an electroacoustic toy opera for solo vocalist performing choreographed play routines on musical and nonmusical toys with live electronic processing and pre-programmed electronic sequences.” Supported by Opera America, the opera follows a woman struggling with her perfectionist and submissive conditioning in a world that commands her to “be a doll”. 

Kelley Sheehan will showcase her work “Maze” which uses electronic processes and instruments through an interactive scheme that involves audience participation. The piece isn’t finished until the audience solves the Maze!

The program will close out with Polka Police, an iconoclastic noise and performance art duo based in Nebraska who consistently push the limits of style. Prepare for “Stupid awesome polka themed rockin’ parodies, covers & originals.”

About Generator Series: Presented by KANEKO and Omaha Under the Radar, the Generator Series will present events that investigate music’s relationship to our physical world, seeking the connections between sound and architecture, sound and natural landscapes, sound and the human body, and more. Focusing on music by living composers, including sound improvisation and experimental composition, the Generator Series will be an outlet for non-commercial music that asks questions about how we listen, and how we interact with sound in the 21st century.


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