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Reading. Craft. Conversation.

Presented by KANEKO and the Nebraska Writers Collective, this interactive reading series asks the question: What happens when writers pull back the curtain on their creative process and invite the audience to become part of the conversation?

feedback is an ongoing series that aims to enliven the conversation about the writing process. Part reading, part conversation, the goal of this reading series is to provide working writers with a space to read and discuss their work, to invigorate the audience by inviting them into the writer’s process and creative development, and, through our free writing workshops, to provide adults and young adults in our community an opportunity to generate their own work.

Past feedback sessions:

April 2018 – Matt Geiler (comedian & musician) & Kristin Walrod (novelist)
January 2018 – Nate Marshall, Gina Keplinger  & Ben Wenzl
October 2017 – Rachel McKibbens (poet and playwright) &  Airea D. Matthews (poet)
June 2017 – Luke Hawley (songwriter & author) & Devel Crisp (spoken word artist)
April 2017 – Natalia Trevino (poet) & Lisa Sandlin (novelist)
January 2017 – Beaufield Berry (playwright) & P. Ivan Young (poet)
October 2016 –Cynthia French (slam poet) & Scott Woods (poet & novelist)
June 2016 – Ellen Struve (playwright) & The Wordsmiths (spoken word troop)
April 2016 – Amy Plettner (author) & Katie F-S (author & performer)
January 2016 – Gustavo Adolfo Aybar (poet) & Dr. Tammie Kennedy (author)
October 2015 – John Price (author) & Denise Chapman (performer)
June 2015 – Rebecca Rotert (poet) & Todd Robinson (poet)
April 2015 – Brent Spencer (novelist & screenwriter) & Liz Kay (poet & novelist)
January 2015 – Twyla Hansen (Nebraska’s State Poet) & Zedeka Poindexter (slam poet)
October 2014 – Jen Lambert (author) & Stacey Waite (poet)

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