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African Body, Soul & Movement

past event

August 11, 2017

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


General Public


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KANEKO Members

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Have you ever seen what it feels like, to truly move?

African Body, Soul & Movement, and Edem K. Garro Production featured African drumming and interpretive dances that embodied the rhythmic soul that lives in us all.

Imagine… The first sound you have ever heard. Now imagine that sound forming that rhythmic soul found in all of us. Lastly, envision the ways in which we all come together. Making sense of the sounds in the world. The sounds we now know as music. Take a dive with us into the first moments from when the soul heard it’s first sound, to when the soul had no other choice but to move. To dance! Join us as we play traditional African rhythms and dance to African melodies provided by Edem Soul Music. This is the event of the year, African food from Ghana will also be served, so come early!

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About Edem Soul Music
Edem K. Garro is an American Composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and Motivational speaker from Omaha, Ne. Edem’s work primarily focuses on cultural preservation and identity. In much of Edem’s work the Ga language, her native tongue is used. Although Edem was born as a first generation American, Edem utilizes the culture that was taught to her in hopes the youth will remember where they came from. To know who they are, and where they are going. Learn More ->

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