BarCamp Omaha 2019

past event

November 9, 2019

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


General Admission

BarCamp Omaha isn’t one of those suit‑and‑tie networking conferences built by The Man.

Tune that bummer out, friend, because BarCamp Omaha is a “user‑generated” conference where the speakers are everyday free spirits talking about what they think is groovy. Talks aren’t scheduled or planned until right before things kick off, and anyone — flower children, hunks, heck, even squares — can give a talk.

BarCamp attracts people from all walks of life. It draws in Entrepreneurs who are in their first year of building their business, as well as seasoned professionals from some of Omaha’s most engaged and compelling organizations. It brings in designers, both new and established, who are helping solve fascinating or mundane problems. It engages budding engineers who are looking to get a foot in the door at your business, and established developers who are looking to learn more about the world around them. Each of these people attend BarCamp, and each of them are what makes the event so special. You’ll learn about fonts from one person, and how to brew moonshine from another.

Stoked, but feeling like taking the stage is a little too heavy? No sweat — don’t get uptight! Just come and hang loose.

At BarCamp, you won’t find a predetermined speaker list or a line of suits passing out business cards. What you will find is a mop‑top in a t‑shirt talking about moonshine, a web developer talking about the best practices in SEO, or a world traveler sharing their far‑out experiences.

BarCamp is a chance to network, learn something fab, and share what makes you feel outta sight!

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