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American Tapestry Biennial

past event

February 6, 2015 -
April 25, 2015


Open to the Public

The American Tapestry Biennial highlighted the best of international contemporary handwoven tapestry.

The American Tapestry Biennial was on display at KANEKO as a part of the collective exhibition, FIBER.

This biennial international, juried, traveling exhibition was sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance and highlighted the best of international contemporary handwoven tapestry. The work exhibited in the 10th American Tapestry Biennial was testament to the vibrancy of tapestry practice across the United States. These tapestries are both examples of what tapestry weavers are doing now and an indication of where they are heading – into a bright and ambitious future. This show presented the opportunity to see a selection of the very best in contemporary practice. It was a rare collection that brought together such a disparate group of artists under one roof.

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