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Graham Ulicny Presents: Soundscapes

past event

August 17, 2017

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


General Public


KANEKO Members

Play your own part in this KINETIC inspired light performance.

Graham Ulicny performed Soundscapes at KANEKO on August 17.

This performance based installation was meant to encourage focus on the part of the listener, allowing them to participate in the performance by affecting the sound through their movement. Just as our everyday actions ripple out through our world, so do the changes in the sonic makeup of this piece, reflecting the actions and movements of the audience.

Graham programmed the sounds of KANEKO’s KINETIC exhibition into sonar sensors, which were placed within the performance space. As the audience moved throughout the space, regardless of what was planned, the installment’s interactive feature made the sounds somewhat unpredictable.


About Graham Ulicny
Graham Ulicny is a musician and composer living in Omaha, Nebraska. Having toured and recorded in numerous bands around his native state of Georgia and throughout the southeast, he currently plays in Omaha based groups The Faint, Icky Blossoms, and his own project Thick Paint. In 2016 he helped write original music for the off-broadway play “Alligator” by Hillary Betis for which he was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music In a Play. He also scored original music for Nik Fackler and tbd. Dance Collective‘s film “One Day, One Month, One Year.” Graham is an Aquarius and likes science fiction, YMO, noise, fresh vegetables and the writing of D.T. Suzuki.

Listen to Graham talk about Soundscapes on KNVO news below!

View photos from the performance below!

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