KANEKO Bike Night

past event

October 9, 2015

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


General Public

Gear up and bring your bike to KANEKO Bike Night.

KANEKO Bike Night brought together local bike vendors and enthusiasts under one roof for a celebration of the Design In Motion exhibit and all things biking in Nebraska.

Bikers enjoyed complimentary beer, music, and a festive atmosphere within the Design In Motion bike exhibition gallery space.Local bike vendors showed off their wares and told their stories, allowing visitors to learn more about the Omaha bike community and its many resources. Indoor rolling sprint races allowed for friendly competition. Impromptu urban bike rides took off from KANEKO for adrenaline fueled tours of downtown Omaha. Bikers brought down their best bike to show off, while local shop owners gave consultations on tune ups, ways to improve performance or maximize efficiency. The Gyro Shack truck was parked outside selling their tasty gyros!

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