Eko Nova: Omaha Percussion Group

past event

August 26, 2019

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


General Admission


Students & KANEKO Members

Art and Music Upside-Down

Season 5 of Eko Nova begins with Omaha Percussion Group, and what better place to turn art and music upside-down than KANEKO? Experience a cantata Bach couldn’t have imagined, singing without singers, and “Post-it Notes” as a score direction. It’s Monday night, reimagined.


Nicholas Martynciow (b. 1964): Impressions: Movements I & II

John Bergamo (1940-2013): Piru Bole

Mark Applebaum (b. 1967): Aphasia

Paul Lansky (b. 1944): Threads

About Omaha Percussion Group: Founded in 2018, Omaha Percussion Group provides professional percussionists in Omaha the opportunity to perform together outside of their regular musical jobs. The ensemble’s repertoire showcases percussion ensemble music and chamber works featuring non-percussionists, as well as duo and solo percussion works. Personnel changes from project to project, with the goal of including as many local professionals as possible from varied percussion specializations. While professional percussionists are expected to be well-rounded and versatile in many percussive idioms, OPG’s members have additional specialized training in classical and contemporary percussion, non-Western traditions, and pop and electronic music. These diverse backgrounds enable the ensemble to perform an extraordinary range of repertoire.
OPG Members: Jason Domonkos, Spencer Jones, Tomm Roland, Scott Shinbara

About Eko Nova: The Omaha Chamber Music Society and KANEKO’s Eko Nova concert series introduces Omaha audiences to some of the most innovative and inspiring musical works written today – music that looks outward with an openness to a myriad of genres, styles, and forms. With virtuosic performances from the region’s finest musicians, plus guest appearances by extraordinary artists from around the country, these events appeal to a diverse crowd, from lovers of contemporary art, to classical music fans and beyond.

About the Omaha Chamber Music Society: The Omaha Chamber Music Society is a nonprofit organization that organizes and performs multiple classical music and chamber music series around the Omaha community. We have partnerships with UNMC, KANEKO, Gallery 1516, the Omaha Conservatory, the Josie Harper Hospice House, and Omaha Public Schools, and our work goes beyond performance to education and service. Learn More ->

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