2024 Arts for ME! exhibition is now open.

Connect with KANEKO

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September 19, 2023 -
December 31, 2023

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Currently, the event is sold out. We kindly request you to consider making a year-end donation or becoming a member to support KANEKO’s mission to inspire and explore creativity. Our mission is achieved through exhibitions, performances, lectures, and education. Your generous donations and memberships make all these programs possible, keeping KANEKO an “open space for the mind”, accessible to all.

Connect with KANEKO

Through the remainder of 2023, you will have a chance to experience a direct connection with art, creativity, and KANEKO right in your own home. Introducing Connect with KANEKO.

Connect with Art

Experience a one of a kind piece in your home for one year. One of two original artworks by Jun Kaneko or Therman Statom will be installed in your home or business for the duration of 2024, with the option to purchase at any time. The first winner drawn will have first choice of piece. Committee members from KANEKO, with decades of experience in fine art exhibitions, will consult and approve placement, conduct the installation, and cover insurance. All you need to do is enjoy the art.

Connect with Artists

Making art is an artist’s way of connecting people with ideas and emotions through a visual medium. Now you can win a chance to directly connect with the creators of these powerful works. Throughout 2024, winners will experience exclusive meet and greet opportunities with artists in exhibit at KANEKO and a private lunch with Ree & Jun Kaneko.

Connect with Community

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