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Peter Scherr

Peter Scherr

Facilities Manager


Peter Scherr assisted in the studio of Jun Kaneko after a chance encounter with Ree Kaneko at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in 1999. In his time with Jun, he gained vital skillsets, and a  network of creatives, and witnessed a studio practice firsthand. These central themes serve him presently in his position with The KANEKO as Facility Manager and Gallery Preparator.  

Upon completion of his time at Kaneko studios, and needing to finish his college education,  Peter noted the facilities and faculty artists in the ceramic program at the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln. Lead by Gail Kendall, Pete Pinnell and Eddie Dominguez, this program offered new challenges and a safe place to experiment. As an award-winning undergraduate in  ceramics, Peter co-lead a cohort of students from throughout the College of Fine and  Performing Arts to form the first-ever student docent program at the Sheldon Art Museum 

After graduating Cum Laude with a BFA in Ceramics in 2005, Peter and his wife Stacy became parents to Olivia, a person with Down Syndrome. As a stay-at-home parent and advocate, he worked diligently at intervention techniques to help Olivia succeed on her journey. Eventually,  two more children came along: Miriam and Emil. During this time raising children he also developed a home-based studio practice and continues to make ceramic work. 

His work as a practicing artist includes teaching novice wheel-throwers at The Union for  Contemporary Art-Omaha and PACE-Council Bluffs. He co-leads, along with teaching doctors from Creighton University and social scientists from Bellevue University, an evolving practicum of discernment and bias recognition for medical students using art, mostly paintings, in the  Joslyn Museum’s collection. 

Peter was born and raised in Hastings, Nebraska and has lived his entire life in Nebraska. His proximity to strong schools, creative people and big spaces has kept him here. Peter’s earliest creative journey was exploring the sandy blowouts of Southern Nebraska and forming crude bricks out of backyard dirt, then fired on the barbecue grill. His work for KANEKO since 2011 includes art crating, shipping and installation, summer camp education, and making art works for purchase. He now works closely with Jason Hovey to ready the dynamic gallery spaces and buildings, keeping them whole and inviting for all.

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