Pamela Conyers-Hinson

“I’ve found myself exploring the creation of art using discarded and forgotten materials such as sawdust.”

– Pamela Conyers-Hinson

Pamela Conyers-Hinson moves through the world investigating and experimenting. Often this work is done through the use of discarded and forgotten materials, the shared stories of women of color, or the magnification of a subject’s journey. Nothing embodies this more than her mask work: the physical and intellectual relationship developed between artist and subject through touch and conversation as the material is applied, and the manifestation of a face whose ancestral facial features are embellished and elevated by the artist through hand-painted design.

Artist Documentation

KANEKO welcomed the Opening Celebration of Pamela Conyers-Hinson on October 17th & 18th, 2020. This event will include viewing of the exhibit and live demonstrations of Conyer-Hinson’s mask-making process by the artist herself.

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Marketing Materials

Most of the work in this exhibit was completed between 2018 and 2020 and some pieces were made at KANEKO; all are infused with questions, vulnerability, and disruption. Conyers-Hinson’s use of multiple mediums: wood, bronze, marble, alabaster, clay and textiles, represents the diversity of her subject matter and the intimate and tactile ways she engages with her audience and her community.

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