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Intangible: A tbd. Dance Performance

Apr 15, 2017

KANEKO | 1111 Jones St

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KANEKO will host Intangible, a tbd. Dance Collective performance on April 15th at 8:00pm.

Why do we collect and consume art?
Where does obsession originate in the mind?
Can something intangible be collected?

As a part of KANEKO’S “Passion & Obsession: From the Collection” exhibition, tbd. dance collective will create an original performance exploring the idea of movement as an intangible collection, able to be viewed, but only truly stored in the mind. Through movement, lighting, and sound, tbd. will transform the performance space into the mind of the artist. Within this new space, the audience can observe the artist firsthand as they obsessively consume and recall movement in an attempt to build an intangible collection. Tickets are $10 for General Admission and FREE for KANEKO Members.

WHEN: Saturday, April 15 @ 8 p.m.
WHERE: KANEKO 1111 Jones Street
PRICE: $10 for general public & FREE for KANEKO members
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About tbd.
tbd. is an Omaha based dance collective created by ten artists with a passion for dance and a desire to see it grow within the community. It is a collaborative effort with no specific artistic director or choreographer. We are all the artistic directors, choreographers, and performers. We do not have a specific style because we wish to incorporate and celebrate distinctive styles, backgrounds, and choreographic elements of each of the dancers within the group. Our mission is to improve ourselves technically as dancers, produce unique and quality work, and continue to create and encourage the growth and appreciation of dance within the community of Omaha.

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