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Papermaking Workshop

Mar 27, 2015 -
Mar 28, 2015

KANEKO | 1111 Jones St


KANEKO will host a two-day hands-on Paper Making Workshop with Omaha fiber artist Bonnie O’Connell on March 27 – 28.

Dates & Times
Friday, March 27: 6 – 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 28: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Registration: $100 (KANEKO members – $85)
No experience necessary
Register by clicking the “Register Now” button above.

This introductory workshop covers the basic techniques of Western-style hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheet formation using a paper mould and deckle, couching, pressing, and drying. It includes a brief overview of paper making history, an examination of the primary western fibers used (cotton, flax, hemp, and abaca), as well as some decorative techniques. The use of pigment for coloration, inclusions, layering, and shaped deckles will also be discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring items to use as inclusions such as dried flowers, sheer lace, thin fabric, or old printed materials that will not bleed when wet. They will leave with a sampling of hand made sheets, but may have to return to collect sheets after they’ve dried.

Please note: this is a wet class – in is important to wear clothing and comfortable shoes (but not flip-flops!) that can get wet.

FIBER is made possible by generous support from the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and ARC Document Solutions.


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