Programs  Boro Indigo Workshop with Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada

Boro Indigo Workshop with Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada

Mar 13, 2015 -
Mar 15, 2015

KANEKO | 1111 Jones St


KANEKO will host Boro Transformed, a hands-on three-day workshop led by internationally renowned textile artist and scholar Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada on March 13–15, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Registration: $330 (includes $30 materials fee)
Dates: March 13–15
Times: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

To register, click the “Register Now” button above. Experience with basic machine sewing, hand stitching and fabric dyeing required.

Boro Transformed is a hands-on three-day workshop for artists interested in patchwork, quilting, embroidery, collage and painting, and who would like to explore natural indigo using sustainable methods. Inspiration will be drawn from traditional boro Japanese textiles and the reinterpretation of this folk tradition. We will explore layering, piecing, sewing and darning – sometimes aided by water-soluble sheets to create open, lace-like structures – and at times using fulling resist paste on wool gauze.

Japanese folk textile from nineteenth/twentieth-century such as comforters, fisherman’s coats, lumberjack’s vests, and other everyday-wears were made of plant fiber mixed with used cotton rags and dyed in indigo, and extensively patched and darned to utilize limited available resources of the regions. The term “boro,” meaning castaway rag, may define a new aesthetic and meaning to an alternative creative process, e.g. darning = healing, meditative action = marking time, reuse/repair = recording history. Boro’s imperfect beauty possesses a power that resonates with people and points to an alternative value of “beauty” slowly coming to surface in our social consciousness.

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