Rental F.A.Q’s

What is the capacity at KANEKO?

Our capacity varies for each space and changes based on what exhibition we are currently featuring. Our total building capacity is capped at 600 attendees.

What are the catering restrictions?

KANEKO is open to all caterers, we can provide suggestions if desired. All alcohol and bar materials must be provided by a Nebraska licensed catering or bar service.

Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.

When am I allowed access to the facility on the day of my event?

Event organizers are given up to 5 hours prior to the event for setup. We can also arrange for setup to take place the day before your event for an additional fee.

When I rent space on the first floor at KANEKO are the upstairs galleries open to my guests?

The second floor galleries can be opened to your attendees for an additional fee.

What are your security requirements?

Security is required for any event that has an expected attendance of over 100 with a ratio of one officer to every 100 attendees.  Security must be present from the beginning of the event to the end and must be obtained through our certified security company. Security doors must be closed and all fire escape doors free from obstructions.

Security costs are not included in rental fee.

What decorations are allowed at KANEKO?

All decorations are limited to table tops and easels. Confetti, balloons, glitter, stickers or other scattered materials are not allowed at KANEKO. Lit candles must be in votives.

KANEKO space is provided as-is and no moving or disruption of displays, artwork or KANEKO materials is allowed.

What staffing support does KANEKO provide?

KANEKO will provide a team member to open and close the space for your event, set up all KANEKO equipment and monitor exhibitions and artwork. They will provide general support to organizers and tear down KANEKO equipment at the conclusion of the event.

KANEKO staff are not responsible for setting up any rental equipment, decorations, catering displays, presentations or any other materials not supplied by KANEKO.

For a list of equipment included in space rental, please contact us today.

What are the renter responsibilities?

Event organizers are responsible for coordinating all vendors and must be present for all load in and set up of equipment. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that all food, trash and decorations are removed from the building following the conclusion of the event. Rental items can be retrieved the day following the event prior to 12:00PM. Event organizer will be responsible for ensuring that all guests, organizers etc. are out of the space prior to the agreed upon exit time.

Organizers are responsible for managing all their staff, volunteers and vendors.

If your event involves a presentation, KANEKO supplies projectors in select spaces. Event presenters will need an HDMI compatible laptop (or converter) for projector hookup and a device with a headphone jack (or converter) for basic music playback.

Failure to remove excess food and trash will result in a $200 cleaning fee.

The event organizer will also ensure that guests are treating the exhibitions and facility with respect. KANEKO staff and security reserve the right to remove any attendee from an event if they are deemed a danger to other guests, KANEKO staff or artwork.

I would like to talk to someone about hosting an ongoing program at KANEKO. Who do I need to contact?

Our Education & Public Programs Coordinator, Katherine Scarpello, would be happy to answer any questions you have about programming at KANEKO!

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What benefits do you provide to non-profits interested in renting at KANEKO?

We are proud to be the place where the community gathers and we work hard to support those organizations that make a difference in Omaha. Verified non-profit organizations receive a discounted rental price and additional KANEKO support when needed.

I am interested in becoming a KANEKO Corporate Partner, are there space usage benefits?

Supporting KANEKO has a ton of benefits! Contact our Director of Operations, Maggie Smith, to learn more about what rental benefits we provide to our corporate partners.

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