Walking With a Purpose

past event

June 20, 2019 -
June 22, 2019

Thursday Artist Talk | 7 - 8 PM

Saturday Walk | 12:30 - 2 PM


Open to the Public


Join KANEKO and Omaha-based artist Bekah Jerde for a two-day collaborative program, Walk with a Purpose. Beginning June 20th with an artist talk and q&a session, learn in depth about perception, purpose, and her #pedestrianperks project. Following on June 22nd, we invite you to participate in an artist walk, allowing patrons to be apart of and experience Jerde’s creative process firsthand.

Refreshments provided after Artist Walk, registration required, and free and open to the public.

Artist Talk | Thursday, June 20 | 7 – 8 PM

Art Walk | Saturday, June 22 | 12:30 – 2 PM

About Bekah Jerde: Bekah Jerde was born and raised on the high plains of northwestern South Dakota. She has called Omaha home for over 20 years. Almost seven years ago, she began walking with purpose, utilizing public transportation and her trusty feet to navigate her way around town. This marked the beginning of a new journey, a repurposed life in the making. She began taking photos on her smartphone that have become a series entitled #pedestrianperks. Her discoveries run the gamut: funny, weird, beautiful, morbid. She shoots her photographs in situ and only uses filters if she finds a black and white version of the photo more appealing. She had an exhibition of her photos in August 2016 at Howlin’ Hounds in Omaha. In December of 2016, one of her photos, #brightspot, was accepted into the Des Moines Art Center’s Community Photography Showcase. Bekah also paints and collages. Her mixed media piece “Zeona” was part of the group exhibition Cream on Top at The Butter Factory which won Best Presentation in a Non-Traditional Format at the 2018 Omaha Entertainment Arts and Awards.

About Bekah’s Project: Almost 7 years ago, I began to walk with purpose. It was my sole means of transportation, not by choice, but as a direct result of my actions. It was the beginning of a perception shift that redefined how I interact with the world around me-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This repurposing of how I live has allowed me to crack through the lens of fear that held me hostage. Through one of these cracks, I began to take photographs and the series #pedestrianperks emerged. They are a record of my journey, a reminder to stay in the moment, and an amazing source of connection.

As I navigated my way through the city on foot and on public transportation, I noticed scenes and moments that were unique to my pedestrian perspective. The ability to immediately share these photographs enhanced the intimacy of the moments. I do not manipulate the scenes I photograph and I rarely use filters. My work allows individuals to see Omaha in a manner that is not accessible to most in their day to day interaction with the city. As we rush from home to work to play in our cars, so much of the city around us goes unnoticed. The exploration and discovery that emerges when one is on foot as a means of transportation is unique. The pedestrian often finds themselves on new routes, seeking shortcuts or new adventures. The photographs reveal the sidewalks beneath our feet, provide a new perspective to familiar surroundings, and give glimpses of unseen nooks and crannies of Omaha.

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