Improving Mobility through Simulation

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August 27, 2018

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


General Public


Simulation: A Window on Mind and Brain Health.

Focusing on mobility and cognition, the Mind & Brain Health Lab at UNMC studies how humans behave when interacting with technology in-the-lab and in-the-field. Learn how simulation and research has developed intervention techniques to improve health, mobility, and the quality of life in individuals of all ages.

Hosted in collaboration with Mind & Brain Health Labs. Presentation by Dr. Matthew Rizzo.

The Visionary Series
The Visionary Series highlights industry leaders and healthcare professionals who are bringing a bold, game-changing approach to health education through advanced technology.

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Mind & Brain Health Labs
The Mind & Brain Health Labs (MBHL) mission is to improve mind and brain health, mobility, and quality of life across the lifespan. Our scientific research team conducts translational research on human behavior, performance, and physiology in health and disease, in-the-lab, and in the real-world. We use sophisticated cognitive assessment tools, high-fidelity simulation, sensor-based measures of behavior and physiology, and innovative data analysis tools. We are committed to engaging the community in our research, including outreach to rural and urban underserved populations.

Dr. Matthew Rizzo
Dr. Mathew Rizzo, MD, FAAN, is the Reynolds Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Sciences, Chief Physician for Neurological Services, Director of the Mind & Brain Health Initiative, and Director of the Great Plains IDeA Clinical and Translational Research network. He has mentored many faculty and students who have established successful careers in science and medicine. Relevant service includes the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Board on Human-Systems Integration, U.S. FDA Panel for PNS and CNS Drugs, and FMCSA Medical Advisory Committee (appointed by US Secretary of Transportation), and Board of Directors of the American Brain Coalition. Dr. Rizzo has advised the U.S. Army AAN, AMA, and several U.S. and international states on translational neurosciences research and evidence-based strategies for evaluating and supporting vulnerable operators. He has led efforts to improve and disseminate better simulation tools and practices and have helped develop successive generations of tools for naturalistic behavioral research in sleep, aging, cognitive impairments, and diabetes. Novel insights from his research are informing development of personal, pre-emptive approaches work vulnerable individuals with brain disorders, in line with the NIH roadmap. More globally, this knowledge is informing research trials and intervention approaches for other at-risk cohorts and development of guidelines for clinicians and policy makers who must make recommendations on patient safety, autonomy, mobility and quality of life.


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