French Pronunciation Workshop

past event

June 9, 2018

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Alliance & KANEKO members


General Public

Parlez comme le français.

We packed a bag lunch and joined Alliance Française d’Omaha’s two-hour workshop on Saturday, June 9th at KANEKO.

If you’re like many trying to learn French, sometimes the language seems like more vowels than consonants, some pronounced, some not. Patrons learned how to master those sounds the English language doesn’t use, the right way to pronounce a string of vowels, and the quandary of whether to pronounce a consonant or not. Our instructor, Paul Callahan, guided us through this and made it fun. We left with some tools to make French words seem less daunting.

Requirement: Must have taken French classes and know some French.

Instructor: Paul Callahan has taught French with the Alliance Française d’Omaha for a little over a year. Paul is finishing his fourth year as a high school French teacher and looking forward to his fifth. After spending a couple of years in France, he completed his BA in French at UNL and then went on to finish an MAEd at UNK. He’s working to exploit, to the extent possible, as much of the latest and greatest technology as he can get into his classroom.

About Alliance Française d’Omaha
Founded in Paris in 1883, The Alliance Française is the largest network of French language and cultural institutions in the world, with chapters in 138 countries, including 115 chapters in the United States. The Omaha chapter began in 1917 and this year we celebrate our centennial. Our mission is to share and celebrate the French language and the francophone world through cultural and educational programs. Learn More ->

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