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Creative Baking with Carter & Rye

past event

December 5, 2019

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


KANEKO Members

Business & Baking – paired creatively.

Creative Baking with Carter & Rye looks deeply into the creative process behind the team of Carter & Rye. At this KANEKO members only event, you will learn about the inception of Carter & Rye, sample their delicious baked goods, and get a chance to discuss the pop-up baked goods business with the owners of Carter & Rye.

About Carter & Rye: Carter & Rye is a female-led business selling sweet and savory pastries & specialty coffee. We sell playful and nostalgic hot pockets, hand pies, and specialty cold brew. Visit us at the Aksarben farmers market in Omaha NE or contact us for pop-ups, special events, and wholesale inquiries. “I’m the hot one!”

It’s rare you have the opportunity to work alongside someone who wants to impact the community and world in the same way that you do. After 3 years as colleagues, we’ve maintained a strong passion for creating nostalgic, delicious experiences while empowering women and the people they care for. Starting Carter & Rye is our honest attempt at learning to empower ourselves while doing something that we both love to do. Partnering our greatest strengths and loves with the hope that one day we can create a similar opportunity for other people. Learn more –>

About Kate “Carter” Anderson: The nostalgia of eating is my main ingredient. The smells that fill the house on Thanksgiving. Great Aunt Carol’s late arrival with her apple pies in hand. My grandmother brewing a pot of decaf coffee. The way the buttery crust offsets the tart and gooey baked apples. The whole family together enjoying the ritual. Combined with a generous amount of European butter and sugar, this is what sustains my career.

My passion is founded on tradition and innovation—the age-old techniques of previous generations plus modern methods and innovative flavor combinations. Here to make your pastry an indulgence you won’t regret. I want the food to both comfort your taste buds and bring you joy.

My pastries and fillings are always made by hand from scratch, working hard to consistently perfect imperfection. The adventure of eating a hand pie, from the caramelized outer edge, all the way to the fresh, jam-filled center. The tray of hot pockets fresh out the oven, each one a charmingly misshapen half-moon.

It’s deeply important that we support our friends and farmers in the community by sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally as much as possible, including local eggs, dairy, meats and cheeses.

About Ryan “Rye” Grubs: Hi, I’m Rye! In 2016 I moved to Omaha, NE. It was not my first choice or my twenty-third, but it has turned out to be one of the most incredible accidental choices that could have happened to me. Two weeks into living in Omaha, I got a job at one of the best coffee shops in the city. Having been in the hospitality/specialty coffee industry since 2005, I’ve learned the best place to make connections and become a part of a community is in the cafe, and it turned out to be a hundred percent true because that’s where I met Kate, “Carter” (and a whole host of interesting, creative, passionate people). The relationships I’ve made since moving to Omaha has been an undeniable force pushing me towards entrepreneurship and specialty coffee. In 2018, I started my own freelance business as a cafe consultant. Since then, I’ve partnered with local non-profits to strengthen and expand their cafes. My approach is simple: People first, then coffee.

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