KANEKO Gallery Staff

KANEKO Gallery Staff

Gallery Supervisors

KANEKO is home to some amazing young professionals who provide much needed support to office and program staff. Gallery supervisors are the face of KANEKO. They are educators who engage with visitors and promote the KANEKO mission of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation throughout Omaha. Gallery supervisors lead student tours, assist in exhibition maintenance and oversee community event rentals in our facility.

The next time you visit, be sure to stop and chat with our gallery staff, they are an excellent resource for all things KANEKO.

Nash Bellows


Gallery supervisor by day and artist by night—Nash works with paint and collage to create abstracted environments and landscapes. Having grown up in California, she is a new Omaha resident but long time visitor.  She loves being surrounded by art and fellow art lovers at the KANEKO.

Joey Carter


Joey is a self taught visual artist from Omaha primarily focused on documentary photography, however, exploring the creative process and understanding how an idea is born is what motivates him the most. KANEKO’s dedication to demonstrating that exploration is what makes the space feel like a second home for him.

Walker Greene


Walker is an artist who utilizes drawing, painting, printmaking, and digital collage to explore identity, sexuality, and the shared humanity within people. They enjoy being a part of KANEKO and working in a space that is not only filled with art, but one that encourages creativity, community, conversation, and that celebrates expression and individuality in all forms.

Lessly Pacheo


Lessly is a writer and a musician, on the violin and piano. She enjoys exploring the different ranges of emotions and ideas. A pen, a violin bow, and piano keys are the tools that help her express her capricious creative spirit. She enjoys that KANEKO is a space that allows everyone to explore their creative process, without restrictions in its form. She loves its promotion of freedom in individuality and creativity.

John Round


John is an architecture student from Omaha, Nebraska who is interested in exploring the intersections between art, designed objects, and how they can influence the creation of space. He enjoys being involved in a community focused environment that encourages all people to further develop their creative ideas.