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Steve Langan

Steve Langan

Acting Director, PASSAGES Literary Programs


Steve Langan, Acting Director of KANEKO PASSAGES Literary Programs, is the author of FreezingNotes on Exile and Other PoemsMeet Me at the Happy Bar, and What It Looks Like, How It Flies. His poems appear in a variety of journals, including the Kenyon, Gettysburg, Chicago, IowaColorado, North American, Notre Dame and Southern Humanities Reviews…and Fence, Verse, Jacket, Slope, Pool and Diagram. He teaches at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, at the English Department and the MFA in Writing program, where he serves as Program Development Coordinator. Langan, whose background is in public health administration and programming, is UNO’s Director & Community Liaison for Medical Humanities, which is based at the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media. Additionally, Langan is the founding director of Seven Doctors Project (7DP), established at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2008, which will resume as a KANEKO PASSAGES Program in Fall 2019.