Dee Harrell, MHPM

Dee Harrell, MHPM

Executive Coordinator


Dee Harrell, a Canadian transplant and U.S. wanderer, is an ever-moving, ever-learning multipotentialite. The honored mom of two (grown) kids – Bodie and Parker – she has made Omaha her homebase for almost half of her life. Initially moving to the U.S. from Toronto, Ontario to Savannah, Georgia on a collegiate athletic scholarship, Dee could not understand why she had to choose a singular course of study when she wanted to know so many things about so many different subjects. Luckily, the athletic advisor had faith in her and, in not so many words, said: “if you think you can, then do”… so she did and continues to do so.

From History to Fine Arts, Exercise and Health Sciences to Wellness Management, and Education to Professional Development, she has acquired several degrees, certifications, and a wealth of experience in various fields. She truly embraces “Multi” as a prefix or identifier to who she is rather than as an adjective to describe what she’s accomplished. Never one to follow the straight line, Dee’s path looks more like a complicated dance routine. To her, each stage in life isn’t a step up to what’s next – she believes all movement (any movement) creates growth and direction has little value because each step taken simply adds to our stories, increasing the size of the stage upon which we are lucky enough to perform our lives.

At her core, Dee is an artist who feels blessed to have the ability and opportunity to be successful in several industries. She specializes in mural, portrait, and animated painting and illustration, embroidery, and textile arts. Additionally, she is currently writing her first book – a “memoir-ish” collection of poetry and short stories, with the occasional sketch sprinkled throughout, focusing on unconventional representation in a conventional world with the intention to help other “Others” feel seen and inspired to take the lead role in their own stories. She credits her adaptability to her hyper creativity, allowing her to see, shift, and, ultimately, celebrate whatever life puts in front of her – which makes her a perfect fit as our Executive Coordinator. Dee is KANEKO’s support hub, project manager, and cheerleader all in one.

For general inquiries and information about KANEKO culture and the Executive team, contact Dee.

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