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Aspen Monet Laboy

Aspen Monet Laboy




Aspen Monet Laboy is a self published poet and multimedia artist. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, they began writing from a young age as a coping skill and an outlet for expression. They later decided to enroll at Metropolitan Community College to further their education in creative writing. Aspen now has three published works with more on the way.

As far as visual arts, broken glass is their primary medium, thus creating sculptural mosaics that depict objects, scenes and abstract concepts. Aside from glasswork, they enjoy painting and printing with inks, making short films and analog photography. 

Aspen was a barista for seven years at various coffee shops before finding KANEKO. They are grateful for working with an amazing team and to have the opportunity to grow as an individual. Learning about infinite creative processes and connecting with artists and the community is what they strive for.

In their free time they love to spend quality time with their Bengal cat, Mischief. Aspen enjoys reading poetry and books on consciousness, intelligence and spirituality. When the weather is nice, they are one with nature, whether that be camping, trail walking, or playing frisbee golf.