Located in three historic warehouse buildings in Omaha’s Old Market District, KANEKO’s physical space is as inspiring as its original programming. To date, two of the areas have been completed. Completed in 2008, the 9,000 square foot BowTruss multi-use space has been the location for original and partner programming like: Portals, a multimedia performance starring musician Tim Fain, a speaker series featuring UNL Visiting Professor Jonathan Fineberg, Big Omaha, the nation’s most interconnected conference on innovation and entrepreneurship, a Fletcher Benton Sculpture Exhibit and original play performances in partnership with the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Also completed is the KANEKO-UNO Library. A collaborative effort between KANEKO and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, this is a state of the art library of the future, a space that provides resources, stimuli, opportunities, and intellectual possibilities.

tHe ARcHitect

Working with internationally respected Los Angeles architect Mark Mack, KANEKO is currently undergoing a renovation to finish its existing space to create multi-level exhibit galleries, creative programming spaces and multimedia rooms.

tHe AtRium

The second part of this renovation will be the addition of the steel and glass atrium on the north side of the KANEKO building, and a black and white granite sidewalk installation designed by Jun Kaneko that will surround the KANEKO campus, 3/4 of a city block, setting the building apart from any building in the region and creating a plaza-like effect on Jones Street.

tHe collectionS BuildinG

Scheduled for completion in 2017 is the Collections Building, which will sit south of the Bow Truss. KANEKO’s new collection building will house the core collection of two thousand works by Jun Kaneko, providing examples of works chronicling his important and varied career. This building will also house works by other internationally respected artists in the KANEKO collection. This collection will be available for research and study in keeping with KANEKO’s mission.

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